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  Welcome to my site! My name is J. Seijo and I am an artist, I have been since I could hold a crayon! I enjoy all kinds of art! I love painting on canvas and recently have been learning digital art!


I have recently added an art shop to my site. You can purchase unique art all painted by me! At the moment I am not taking any commission work, but if there is an exciting project I might consider it. I am also a member of "New World Arte" a growing community of artists showcasing their work.


Some of the products on my site are "print on demand" which means when you order them, they are sent off to print and sent to you. Things like masks, mugs, shirts, and stickers!

Thank you for your support. I know it usually takes a little longer to get these products but your purchase helps our family financially and brings me a little happy dance when I get notified of a purchase!

I also have a dog collar brand that I invite you to check out! These are available and can be shipped right away!

I really hope you enjoy my art designs as much as I enjoy making them!

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